I will start this blog by trying to do something that I have seen a lot of people attempt to do; I will try to post one picture a day for a year. I know, it kind of contradicts some of the stuff I wrote earlier, which is why I am not expecting to be able to finish the year, but I’ll do my best to try.

I love taking pictures. I think that I have an eye to see beautiful things, but I have no idea how to really use a camera. I would love to take a class, maybe one day. This project will be done with my phone though, so that I don’t have to upload the pictures, unless I have time to. So I do not expect them to be breathtaking (who am I kidding!) but it should show my day to day life, which is what I am trying to accomplish.

I will start with the craft that we made this morning, Choupi and I. Choupi is sick and has been watching quite a few cartoons on Netflix the last couple of days. She has been watching the movie “ponyo” in a loop as well.

Anyway, this morning I decided that we would take a break and do a craft. So I pulled out some of the stuff that I bought at the dollar store a couple of days ago (I think that the dollar store and I will become best friends by the way) and we made this:


I realize that it’s not as cute or fancy as some stuff you can see on other blogs, but i’m not a perfect mama after all!